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Our promise to you: Make your purchase with confidence because before we ship anything, we will verify with you that you bought the correct item(s) for your intended use. If you did not, we will refund 100% of your payment back to you immediately and cancel the order or change it. If we ship you your purchase and the item isn't correct for your use, just send it back, we will refund the amount of the purchase, less the Shipping and Handling charges as long as the product returns in new condition. So we just ask that you test the equipment gently before you mount it or scratch it up.

NSX Custom built replacement stereo, see info below LIMITED SUPPLY - AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Acura NSX Stereo Replacement Parts for sale


(FAQs below videos)

NSX Custom Built Stereo
YOUR CORE -Send In Form just send radio, no prepay necessary

1991-2005 NSX

Price $870.00 + 25.00 Shipping in US -(we will bill you additional if outside US)




Price $29.00 (we will bill you additional if outside US)

(not rebuilds - new - with new amp and spkr inside)

NSX Door Speaker Assembly (There are a total of 2 in the car) specify L or R  91 up Acura NSX Price $250.00 

NEW NSX SUB Assembly
(not rebuilds - new with new amp and spkr inside)

Bose - NSX Bass/Sub Assembly (1 in the car) 91 up Acura NSX Price $250.00 

Hi Daryl, Thank you again for doing my radio conversion. Simply put, it is awesome. The sound is amazing and the music has never sounded this good in my NSX. The base is beyond amazing . Very happy I went this route instead of installing and aftermarket  deck and butchering my console. I would be happy to recommend this conversion to any of my friends that own an NSX and want to keep the stock look. Cheers, Stephen BC Canada

This design solves some common issues.
Easy install (15 minutes) - uses the same bolts as the OEM and uses same factory connections.
Wired for the Bose speaker system, no additional amps and speakers needed to be purchased.
No modifications to the dash, no cutting or adding filler plates, pockets, or purchasing another dash piece.
You can easily put another OEM stereo back in the car within just a few minutes if you ever wanted to.
Play music from your phone or your computer music files with the USB on the Rear 4' long cable (just plug in and it reads the files). 

Built-In Bluetooth Wireless Technology for Hands Free Calling, Audio Streaming, Text Message Notification, Voice Recognition Dialing, Phone Book Transfer - WE NO LONGER DRILL THE HOLE ABOVE THE VOLUME CONTROL FOR THE MIC, IT IS PLACED BEHIND THE TAPE DECK CLEAN LIGHT HOLE
Rear cable with USB Port (MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio) (4 feet long cable does reach to armrest compartment between the seats)
Wireless remote for volume, mute, seek, scan, source, Next album or song on USB memory thumb drive, Pandora ready, etc.
USB Power Supply for cell phone charging
Full-Time bluetooth connection of 1 or 2 cell phones, 3 phones if connected 3rd phone by USB
Auto Dimmer when headlights are on
External Mode for iPod/iPhone to listen to Audio from your iPod/iPhone apps
MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (USB)
PANDORA Internet Radio Control via iPhone with USB Connection
2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone to select music using iPod/iPhone or receiver controls



Common Questions: New info below in purple text


Display Color

The display color is the biggest issue, currently it is orange. This 2015 version has the black display digits so we colored the backlight to try to get close (not exact) to the OEM color. We will update the video anytime a newer version is available that will show any changes. 



The newest version in the video do not have the standard audio cable AUX input. It does have the USB AUX port and it is on a 4 feet cable - see video. 



For those in other parts of the world, know that we can match the different tuning frequencies - additional cost apply.  


Why replace OEM when we agree staying original is best?

We have seen many times the same experience of owners wanting to be repaired and wanting to buy a good unit and seen it not work out, over and over. Sellers saying that the unit works and buyers spending several hundred and finding out it doesn't work, yes they get refunded but much hassles, especially when they spend another $500 and it happens twice, still not working. We totally understand wanting to keep the NSX original. However, the manufacture isn't offering repairs, even though they will tell you to send it in, they come back unrepairable. I've seen owners 8 months out and still unable to solve the problem of a bad OEM headunit.


The goal was to build a unit that can just plug in and mount the exact way that the old OEM stereo came out, nothing additional to purchase or do. Also, it was important that the dash did not have to be cut or modified in any way. That way a person could always go back to an OEM stereo if they wanted to and if one becomes available. It was a bit of a puzzle to accomplish this but we feel it is a good solution, for many needing a good solution.



The presets are dead on the radio. The remote has 6 presets for FM1, FM2, FM3, and AM which are very user friendly, press and hold to set.


Current price:  $870 + shipping ($25. In US).

Rebuilding your core will take $200 in material and $670. in labor (16-18 hours). As with everything that I have done for the 29 years doing car stereos, there is a 12 month warranty.

Note: This is a custom hand build unit, not a manufactured product. It takes at least a couple weeks to complete so plan some lead time before you need it.  


The USB cable will extend to the Glove Box between the seats and that is a pretty convenient location for it. When I tried putting it there on an installation, I realized that I would have to make a hole to bring it into the GB. So, what I did was leave it under the GB and sticking out a bit between the GB and the driver seat. Not too much though or it can drop down near seat metal rack under which may cut it. (safer to make a small hole I'd say or look for an access way that I did not see - some may be slightly different). No problem it reaching the dash GB on the right, but not as convenient. It also could stick out along that right side of the console and hang about at the passengers left knee. I probably wouldn't have it on the driver side like that. Just be sure wherever you feed it that it stays away from moving parts like shifter and E-brake (steal that can cut).  


Additional Information:

I have a list of owners that want to be sent an email whenever there is new info or an updated unit. Email me and I’ll add you if you want those notifications.

I will also update the website here with any new information;


Other Recent Feedback:

Willman’s Electronics is superior on several levels. Daryl’s knowledge, expertise, honesty, communication and customer service sets a new standard in the service and repair business. I have a ’92 NSX that began to experience the typical Bose amplifier problems back in 2001 – hissing, screeching and a whole host of annoying noises that drove me out of my mind. Unfortunately, the local Acura dealers couldn’t help. The parts were discontinued. Luckily the internet existed and I was able to explore some options. After speaking with Daryl numerous times and after doing some further research on the internet, I came to the conclusion that Willman’s Electronics was the best and maybe only option I had to keep my existing NSX Bose car stereo system. Bear in mind that replacing the system with a different system would not only cost in the range of $1800 - $2000, but replacing the Bose system with even a better system would devalue the car because the interior would no longer be original. So I put my faith in Daryl and I was not disappointed. I was in fact amazed. He shipped me the rebuilt amps pronto and everything worked exactly as Daryl said it would. Now, fast forward to 2015. My Bose stereo system died completely. It would not even turn on. I was frantic since I knew the system as originally manufactured no longer existed and could not be purchased anywhere, not even on EBay. I became depressed at the thought that I would have to replace the entire system with one that would ruin the original interior and value of the NSX. Then I remembered Willman’s Electronics. I contacted Daryl to see what options I had and wouldn’t you know it, he had already developed a way to change out the guts of the original radio and replace it with a modified and upgraded system using the original face of the NSX stock radio. He made it easy by engineering it as a plug and play to work with all of the original Bose amps and speakers, so all I needed to do was pull the radio out of my NSX and send it to Daryl to be retro built. When I got it back, it just plugged right in and worked. It was that simple. I have to tell that the sound that comes out of this system now is absolutely stellar. My radio and amps that were both rebuilt by Daryl now produce a sound that is loud, crisp, and clear. Moreover, having the Bluetooth, Pandora, USB stick and Sirius XM working features is simply amazing. I truly could not be happier with the stereo and amps that Daryl rebuilt for me. Daryl is a great guy and I can only HIGHLY recommend him and Willman’s Electronics without reservation. Lawrence - New Jersey

Daryl, This thing is great! I am amazed all my speakers still work! You do great work. Is this a popular mod? I feel like it isn't and it should be. Thank you, Andrew - Illinois

Hi Daryl: Radio and Amps fitted, sounding great! Thank you. Regards, Tony - Hong Kong

Hi, Daryl Thanks for the updated NSX stereo head unit. I installed it very soon after I received it. Sounds awesome! I am very, very happy with the sound quality. It is SO much better than the OEM Alpine. The Bose speakers did were not served well by the Alpine unit. This Clarion unit is much better. I have been enjoying my Bluetooth connection to my phone, where I have nearly all my favorite music, albeit in iTunes format. I had no idea the Bose speakers were that good. Not perfect, but so much better. The Clarion controls are a bit confounding. Not intuitive .... at all. But I'll get used to it. I'll be driving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando this weekend for an NSX event, so I expect to exercise the unit and get used to the controls. I hope to really enjoy it. Well done. My frame of reference is as an entry-level audiophile. My home system is comprised of NAD 375BEEE amp, Music Hall 25C DAC, and Totem Acoustics Forest speakers. So I think I sort of know what should sound well. The small confines of the NSX with the new head unit, playing my faves on my phone sound fantastic. At least sitting still in my garage. This weekend should be the litmus test: 80 MPH for three hours. I'll let you know, but so far, so good. So far, better than good. Thanks. Doug - Florida

To All NSX Owners with Radio Problems: Recently, the radio in my ’93 NSX died. After being told by a local auto sound shop that the radio could only be replaced by Acura, I went to my local dealer who first diagnosed the problem being with the “main amplifier”, and that all parts (radio and amplifiers) come from Japan; they also told me to budget “up to $2,500”. Needless to say, when I heard that it could cost me as much as $2,500, I did some research on line. I quickly found a site “Willmans Electronics”. After reviewing the website –which is about as thorough as you will ever see- I called the phone number listed (never expecting a live person to answer), and had a great conversation with Daryl Willmans. I never felt so confident in my decision to go with Willmans. Daryl assured me that the problem was the radio (he was 90% sure), and the total cost would be under $1,000. It wasn’t too hard to make a decision; I would be getting a 2016 system for less than half the cost of a 1993 Radio/Cassette. When I re-installed the rebuilt radio, I realized just how bad the old radio was; the speakers have never been better! In closing, if you simply want to modernize your system (Bluetooth, Sirius Ready, Pandora, etc.), or have to replace your radio, contact Willmans. John - New York

Daryl Willman did an absolutely fantastic job rebuilding the radio in my showroom-condition 1991 NSX (Black/Ivory). I went for a year without the radio working, as all of the alternatives offered didn't fit with the way I do things. I am a purist, that is to say, I want everything to look factory original on my collectible cars. Fortunately, I found Daryl on the web. His work was praised on multiple internet sites so I finally gave him a call. After speaking with him for just a few minutes, it was clear he was the only one I would allow to do the job for me. He took the time to answer every question I had to my complete satisfaction. So, I had the unit removed from my NSX and shipped it to him in Texas. What I received back is pure mastery. Daryl's attention to detail is unmatched. The appearance of the unit has not changed one bit. It now works BETTER than a new unit. It has Bluetooth, is Satellite ready, and the dial illumination is exactly as the original, it even dims perfectly when the headlights are turned on. His master craftsmanship is without equal, but his customer service has no equal as well. Because of a scheduling issue I had, in the middle of the process, I asked Daryl if there were any way he could get the unit to me earlier than we had agreed. Amazingly, he said, "absolutely, when do you need it." He got it to me much earlier than I had originally requested, and it works perfectly. Daryl is a master craftsman, and his professionalism, attention to detail, and accommodation are without equal. If you are particular about your cars and want only the best, Daryl Willman should be your number one choice. Bill - San Diego