Print to send with unit      WILLMAN'S ELECTRONICS          
 Please receive an authorization number from us by email (or phone) before sending your unit in. The number will be on the bottom of the email after our signature.
A complete form will help us speed up your repair, enclose a copy in the box with unit, but also we like to receive the info be email around the time you ship it.      

Auth No. _______________ Name___________________________________________________
City, St. Zip______________________________________________
Remember that UPS requires packages to go to a physical address (not PO Box) and someone should be there to receive it. (We currently ship by UPS only)
Return UPS to above address or below is my return address (only needed if different then above):
EMAIL ADDRESS for notification when shipped back to you:___________________________________
Work Phone (____)____________________  Home Phone(____)____________________
Cell Phone (____)__________________
Year/Make/Model of vehicle: _________________________________________________
Anti-theft code is needed for anti-theft radios only: Usually found in glove box (looks like a credit card). Code________________(3-5 digit number) - Needed for Honda/Acura, BMW stereos and some others. Not needed for GM or Toyota

Problem with unit_______________________________________________________
You are responsible for the packaging when shipping to us. You can insure your equipment for just a couple dollars but the best insurance is to be sure it is packaged correctly. Insurance won't pay if not correctly packaged. (see page 2)

I have been given an estimate from your office or have viewed the repair flat fee estimates on the website and I approve repairs at $_____________, additional $30.00 for the return shipment, notify me if any different.

Signature: ___________________________________________________

We do not store credit card info, it is 100% destroyed after used
Check one: (or _____ call for card number once its needed)
___ Credit Card Type: MC / Visa / Discover / Am Ex
Card # ___________________________ Exp ________ Security Code*_______ 
Billing Address_______________________________________________________________________________________
Print Name as on card:____________________________________
* The Security Code verifies you actually have the card in your hand.  Show Me!

  ___ I have a Paypal account. Send me an email for payment once unit has been checked out. My Paypal email is:________________________________________

___ Enclosed is my check or money order for $___________ (personal checks - allow 5 days to clear)






You keep this lower section for your reference.

Ship UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, RPS, or any other carrier to:

WILLMAN'S ELECTRONICS               Phone 469-298-1138
2314 SAM HOUSTON DRIVE            Email
GARLAND, TX. 75044


Don't be alarmed, these units ship with no problem when packaged correctly. Our goal is to never have something show up here and have to call you back to decide if you want to make a claim with the carrier. The question from the carrier is always, "Was it packaged correctly?"

So, an extra minute to make sure it is packaged correctly helps the whole process stay on estimated time & money. Although most packers do a great job, it's your equipment - watch them and request the following packing guidelines.

A unit that has 2 inches of bubble wrap around it taped, and put in a box TIGHTLY FULL of peanuts on all sides will show up here in it's original condition every time.

Waded up newspaper is just as good as peanuts but same principle apply, the box needs to be full so the unit stays in the center & it won't shift.

When shipping speakers cones, cut and tape a piece of cardboard over the top of the cone to protect it from being smashed by the packing material. If shipping a pair, you could put them cone to cone and fasten together using the mounting holes. Use tie wraps or twisted wire in all 4 of the holes, then wrap both together in bubble wrap or plastic bag.

Do not use the newer large 5 inch air bags (not referring to bubble wrap). The metal corners of a stereo will pop the bags and you end up with nothing supporting the equipment, just a flat piece of plastic in there by the time it gets delivered.