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 "Why is keeping it factory the best?"
(or at least a very good idea!)
Shouldn't I just buy a used one?

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AM/FM Radio * Bluetooth * USB * Compatible w/iPhone & Android
AUX * Remote * External Mic * XM, Pandora, & iHeartRadio Ready * Custom Display Colors


Newest Info linked here on our website NSXStereo.com

Don approved that I share our phone call after his stereo was modified and reinstalled by the Acura dealership!

Most desire keeping stereo original - Let's talk so you will know all the current info and your options.
Call Daryl @ 214-438-9958

Plug and Play - goes in exactly like it came out - no dashwork, rewiring or extra install costs.
Very convienient for those that like repair projects predictable and not never ending!

Most Recent Feedback: "I was relieved to discover Willman's Electronics and their fantastic rebuild of stock NSX radios. Keeping the overall car OEM-looking with as many original parts as possible while still finding some middle ground was a critical design goal. I had Willman's Electronics deliver new amps as well as modify the stereo, and I must say the car has never sounded this good. With multiple standard inputs, including Bluetooth, the car feels quite a bit more future proof. For the NSX enthusiast that drives their car regularly but wants to keep as much of the car as OEM-looking as possible, this is by far the way to go." Han Sunnyvale, CA 94 NSX


EU Version Video (it has slightly different features but almost the same - of course frequencies for the country)
IMPORTANT NOTE: If yours has the "A. Select" button then it will be used like the above US version.

This Honda NSX is used throughout Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden,
Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, and other countries.

Equipment Removal Tips 

We also will buy used stereos that are physically in good condition - email photo and your offer! (non-working is fine)

We repair the:

  • Radio's sound and display fades out and flashes
  • Low or no sound after amps are replaced or yours are known good
  • Tape decks playing too fast 
  • Bose Speakers
  • CD Changer Errors CD Changers - sorry, no longer repairable. Alpine made some aftermarket ones that are getting old but may still work if you can find in great shape.

Email a Tech

Know that on 1991 - 1997 vehicles, your static and popping may be coming from the stereo head unit needing repaired. If you know that you have good amps and still have a sound problem then it will most likely be the stereo. If that is the case then the best thing to do is unplug the battery (or both fuses, the radio and back up memory, if using the car) until you get a chance to remove the stereo. This removes the constant power (even with car ignition off) which will continue to short out the radio. There are many cases of smoke coming out of the stereo when they get so bad. The phases of them going bad (at around 25 years old) are mainly low or no sound, static/popping, not turning on, blowing fuses, SMOKE.


Some NSX FAQ's about our amps  

Do you supply new ampsNEW AMPS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - But we exchange then with rebuilds that are getting a good long time 15+ years and still a very good solution. (there are 3 total in the NSX). 

What is the warranty on your work or new amps? We've always had a 1-year warranty on everything done - we don't do any work unless it is going to last many years for you, or it's not something we'd advise you to do. For instance - the modified stereo above and the rebuilt amps both are a 15+ year solution.

But they have already been worked on before?  We have seen all kinds of things done by shops to attempts to repair these amps. One NSX owner sent in the door speakers from the St. Louis area. He complained that the speakers haven't sounded good after they were repaired by his local stereo shop. They weren't balanced L to R either. The shop told him it was because of a problem inside the head unit. The customer lived with this for a long time then when the speakers sounded really terrible again, this time he sent them to us. He also sent the head unit (because he was told it had a problem). The head unit tested fine and we could easily see the problem. The amps that the local shop put into his NSX were old amps from the rear of a Nissan Maxima. That's pretty bad and unacceptable and not to make excuses for the shop but we all know there hasn't been much support for the independent shops, trying to help the owner. The result of this makes it a hassle for the owner and amps that keep going out. 
Another situation was a shop put in one of those generic BMP001 or whatever they are called - those sound terrible. The distributor in FL for these, when trying to sell us on using them, said they were good because the customer is glad just to have sound and no popping - wrong!!! Those amps are not 50% as good as the original ones.

We’re all about keeping it original. That is important to some and not important to others. There are plenty of aftermarket options and companies; we just don’t do that here.  

Price for repairing an amp? NEW AMPS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - But we exchange then with rebuilds that are getting a good long time 15+ years and still a very good solution. However, the most common thing that we are seeing is the amps being fine and the stereo headunit being the reason that there is static, popping, channel out, or low sound. Most places that repair them advertise long term solution, and a better repair then every place else. The repairs really are about the same, no shop is going to use cheap components when they only cost pennies to get the best, it's just hype - we've always used the best components available.

Do you supply new ampsNEW AMPS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - But we exchange then with rebuilds that are getting a good long time 15+ years and still a very good solution. (there are 3 total in the NSX). 

Feedback from NSX owners

Didn’t take long to get comfortable with the new radio. This is like Christmas - such a cool retrofit. Absolutely love it and the speakers sound great. No issue there. You’re doing God’s work down there! Today, I connected Alexa and took my first phone call. Also super easy. I really appreciate the time you took up front to talk through the details and answer questions. Your professionalism and attention to detail really shine through and I really appreciate the communication throughout the process. I would be happy to be a reference for any prospective customers. I’ll take a look at NSX Prime and see if it is easy to post a comment. I don’t really use the site much as I find it a bit difficult, but no doubt it is the source for all things NSX. 
Dave - Marblehead, MA  1991 Acura NSX
Hi Daryl - all fitted and working well - nice one. I’m not on any of the NSX forums but if you want to give my email address to any potential customers in Europe to discuss what you offer I am quite happy. The discussion will be very positive :-) Cheers. 
Gareth - Swindon, Wiltshire UK  1992 Acura NSX
Thank You for the replacement amplifiers. My stereo sounds well again. Prompt shipment was greatly appreciated as well as prompt refund of core deposit. For any NSXer that needs replacement amplifiers for their stock BOSE stereo, I highly recommend Willman's Electronics. Daryl is a true professional. 
Fritz - Folsom, CA  1992 Acura NSX
I received the repaired radio last week and installed on the weekend. It sounds great! I have no problems what so ever with the sound quality. At this time, I'd say the speakers (and in door amps) are fine. Mark -  Portland 92 NSX Stereo
We removed the bass speaker and had some third party look into it and replaced the amp, but still it does not work. I don't believe that it was fixed properly to begin with which brings me to what I am facing today. I saw your name being referred a couple of times on some ""NSX web sites."" I would like to send you the bass speaker for repair if possible. Gus  Ridgefield, NJ. 1991 Acura NSX
I got my amps installed today (the installation was $266 plus tax at my Acura dealer here in Memphis for all 3 amps), and everything sounds terrific!!!! Thanks so much! I'll be sending back my old amps tomorrow for the deposit return. Your service is fantastic and I have passed your company's name on to the local Acura dealer in case they have anyone else who could benefit from your service. Thanks again! Bruce Germantown, TN 91 NSX
Replaced all 3 amps and a CD changer in about an hour with clear instructions. Amps were high quality and worked perfectly with the stock system. Service was very fast, and the difference in the new CD changer was explained so I had no problems replacing the older one with the newer, better one. Great experience. Ron - Texas   1991 Acura NSX
Willman's Electronics provides a quick and worry free service. They know what they are talking about! That is quite rare these days. We have purchased a couple sets of the Bose replacement amps for the ACURA NSX and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again!  Ross - Sacramento, CA. - 1991 ACURA NSX
Fast response, clear directions, and a prompt credit on the exchange even though I was slow in sending in the old units. All in all, excellent service.  Robert - Todos Santos, Mexico  1991 NSX
I have had a ’92 NSX for 6 months now, and like so many others it had Bose amplifier problems. The driver door appeared to be working, but the passenger door was very quiet sometimes and then would make loud screeching noises followed by silence. I did not even know I had a subwoofer or center speaker until later reading about the amplifier problem. When the OEM passenger window regulator finally broke, as I hear they all do (but what are the odds…the car’s 12 years old, and it breaks the 15th time I roll it down,) I decided to do something about the speaker too. I began exploring my options, which seemed to be limited to $800 per from Acura, $150per from Willman’s Electronics, $120 for a generic “BRA001” replacement amp, $110 to have someone “repair” my amps, or an undisclosed amount and time for Bose to repair my amps. I wasn’t about to think of re-engineering the whole car to accept an after-market stereo. The Acura fix was just silly, and I know that these amps are tuned for their specific installation.

Willman’s Electronics’ site is very helpful and all-inclusive. I was quite pleased with instructions to help remove the door panels and pictures of the speakers themselves. I called him up, asked a couple of questions, and was quite pleased with the results. Within three business days I had the two new amps in hand. I was told they would be new, upgraded amps, rather than rebuilds, and as far as I can tell, they are. Each heat-sync came with a Bose sticker and part number. The circuit boards showed no sign of additional soldering or tampering. My original amps had a pair of IC’s on them which actually had “Bose” screened onto them. The new amps had the same ICs, but with some type of black coating that obscured the Bose letters except in the right light. I couldn’t tell if it was paint to cover the name up, or just part of the same type of epoxy that coated much of the rest of the board and components. The power transistors also had the coating which covered up their numbers. In any case, they had, centr

I can’t say how long these amps will last, but I can tell they do look new, they look like they were manufactured recently by Bose, and they do appear, with my limited knowledge, to be “upgraded.” In the end, I threw them in the car and was quite pleased by what I assume is original quality sound from the door, sub, and center. There was one caveat, though: Darryl warned me at the time that most people who only buy two come right back and beg for the third amp. Believing him, but having to see for myself, I only purchased the two. Well, I’m writing this today after ordering the third one. Apparently the amps don’t just snap at once, but can degrade over time, because what I thought was my “working” driver’s door sounds incredibly muted and dissonant compared to everything else now. As a matter of fact, when I fade all the way to the left it actually sounds balanced. I don’t know if the new amps run louder than the original or not, but there is a definite sound quality and range apparent in the new spe

I hope this helps anyone else trying to make a decision. I hate spending money, but in the end I believe this was the most cost-effective solution. Kirk - Dayton, OH 1992 NSX  


Additional feedback from various customers



Leave Feedback



WOW!!! Thanks for being so quick. You are a very respectable business and that is hard to find these days - especially over the internet.  Please know that if we ever need service for our other car's stereo, you will be the first we look to. Sincerely, Maria  Illinois  1994 BMW 740i 6 Disc Changer
Everybody's had that "too good to be true" notion about offers, deals and "come-ons," especially on the internet. Well...Willman's is most assuredly NOT too good to be true; they are true and they are good. I was impressed from start to finish when I entrusted my 10-year-old factory-installed automobile CD Changer to their care to diagnose and remedy, following 3 years of non-use because I couldn't find anyone to repair it within reasonable cost, and with such ease and dispatch. I found the answer in Willman's. I e-mailed and spoke personally to Daryl Willman on several occasions, who made himself available for consultation and step-by-step progress. The fixed-price estimate is rarely seen these days, and pre-approval for over-runs provides customer control at every stage. I will not hesitate to recommend Willman's to anyone requiring expert analysis and service. Thank you!! Chris  Pensacola, FL 1992 BMW 325i 
First off I'd like to thank you and the great people at Willman's Electronics for the superb customer service and help dealing with my problem. I was greatly impressed that you spent the time to check out my unit and not charge me labor, for which I would have expected to pay. Having pulled the unit and now replacing it back in the car, I can say that it shouldn't take more that half an hour to pull or replace the radio.

You were right that there was nothing wrong with the unit, the problem was a 15 amp fuse in slot 22 of the fuse box next to the steering column. I know I checked all the fuses once before, but somehow missed that one. Again your great service is appreciated. Regards, Will - Wisconsin   95 Nissan Maxima

Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark

Thank you for the great service, the unit works just like new. I really appreciate your excellent work and very reasonable rate. You are top notch and if there is anyone that I know in need of your service I will definitely recommend your service to him or her. Thanks, Mark 

I just wanted to thank you for the great service. The quality and speed of your work is impressive. Thanks very much! Ron Albany NY  '89 Nissan Maxima Bose' Speaker Amp Rebuild 
1991   Infiniti  Q45  4Dr  Received my rebuilt Bose speakers. Wow! What a difference. Can't say enough about your service. It's great to finally have great sound in my auto again. Didn't know how bad my speakers were until I installed the rebuilt ones. Thanks Again!!  Butch    Franklin, TN
I had been driving around town without a radio for months because I changed the battery in my Acura 2.5TL and did not know the security code. Thanks to your tips, I was able to find the code and save 85 bucks!!!!! Thanks again. James
Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark



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