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Why buy used equipment from Willman's and not online auctions

If you have been trying to buy used replacement equipment, and have already wasted time and money elsewhere, you'll love this!

Here are some of the biggest myth's about stereos

If it cost more to repair, then I should just replace it with aftermarket. You get what you pay for - aftermarket make it a very cheap fix, full of hassles
A CD Cleaner disc is a good way to clean a CD player. They never truly help, it might seem like it did for a minute, but not long-term
The laser just needs cleaned and it will play fine. We haven't repaired 1 player yet that just needed this to work, 15 year old players aren't even dirty, just doesn't happen.
It's cheaper to just buy used from junkyard or Ebay. These places will sell you a stereo that needs serviced saying it works perfectly.
There is a lot of good, used, working equipment being sold  Most equipment has become available for sale because it was removed for not working correctly.
Sellers know what car it will fit in We see it all the time where equipment is listed with very basic info. The seller has no idea that the statements that he made aren't true. It won't work with certain systems because it's not compatible. Notice all the sellers saying they bought it off Ebay and it doesn't work in my car so I'm selling it.
Sellers know what they are doing and how to package a stereo for shipment. It has happened all the time over the past few years. We just received a broken stereo after asking the seller to package it good because they are fragile, he said "I will" - he didn't so the face is cracked. This was cosmetically, like new before he shipped it, but now we have to purchase new face which costs as much as the stereo was because of his "honest mistake".
Sellers don't lie or they get bad feedback rating. As a buyer, you can't leave negative feedback without yourself being given negative feedback from the seller that lied. So, you go through the hassle of sending it back, and you pay the extra shipping and extra time involved. (extra hassles). It didn't work from the start but they will always want you to make a claim with carrier's insurance which only pays after you prove it was packed correctly. We have purchased many broken stereos from sellers that have a good feedback rating.

The above myths and experiences are realized by people all the time but go undocumented. If you've had an experience that others can learn from, please tell us your story (here)

The benefits that you get when buying from us, that most sellers don't offer

1)       Reconditioning has been completed before we send the unit to you. This is much better then us just saying we will do a repair for you if you have a problem with it. You see, it is a great hassle to have to take equipment out of the car, then send it back to be repaired. Yes, we do have a warranty, but that doesn't mean we don't do everything possible to eliminate the chance that you will have a problem, before we send it to you. Nobody selling used equipment does this and it is so important for you to receive usable equipment. (This preventive service is approximately a $150.00 value which is needed by all used players but never is it offered by most other sellers.)

2)       Compatibility guaranteed to match your current speaker setup.

3)       1-year warranty and even helpful after unit is out of warranty. We would never not help out one of our previous customers if they had a problem, even if a year has past. Other sellers give 90 days at best, most a lot less then 90 days.

4)       3-day approval guaranty. When receiving it, if you donít approve of itís condition or donít want to keep it, all you have to do is reply to this email stating you donít want to keep it. Then, your only requirement is to make sure it is properly packaged and protected so it makes it back to us unharmed during the return shipping. If it is not, then you are responsible for the repair and that amount will be deducted from your refund. But, if you protect it, then we offer 100% refund.

5)       Security code provided when the unit requires it. You don't have to worry about not being able to use the player once received. You won't be locked out with a security function that cost more to solve.

6)       Support Ė You save on install by doing it yourself with help from out website or a phone call.

7)       No additional harnesses or adaptors to find or buy or figure out. No additional wires to hook up or run to the fuse box. When we send it out, it is plug and play, no wiring headaches.

8)       Uses same mounting as the original stereo used. No spending time trying to ďrig itĒ. (That can save you a days work)

9)   Gives your dash a factory look, which is nicer and makes it not be a ďtargetĒ for theft like aftermarket does.

10)   Most importantly, we know which models are not dependable. There are models that are a bad design and give everyone trouble. We won't sell these models because you will not be happy with them, so you get only the good, trouble free models. We see people paying hundreds for equipment that we wouldn't buy for $20. because they are troublesome models and will not work for the buyer.

11) The most important step to your purchase. We know how to ship it to you so it arrives in the same great condition as it was when we shipped it. It's a real hassle when you are ready to use a stereo and now you have to deal with an insurance claim that may not pay. You don't know until the carrier picks the package back up from you and has their inspectors determine if it was packed correctly, this can be a week itself. We don't have this kind of hassle for you because we take the time to make sure it is send out safely.

Iíve listed these because you can find cheaper out there but it isnít really cheaper, you get less. We could offer it for less and not include all these, but we want this to be a smooth successful install for you. We have seen junkyards selling this equipment, fully dirty, for close to the same price, and they offer very few to ďnoneĒ of the above. You are not protected at all with that kind of purchase. If you don't require the above from the person you are buying used equipment from, then get ready for the hassles, they will come quick (usually the moment that you take it out of the box, then continue and you'll realize what a mistake you've made)

To purchase used equipment from us, go to your vehicles page and follow ("Items For Sale" link on that page) or call us at 469-298-1138 to discuss this kind of purchase.

Go to the section on your vehicle by selecting it below.


Feedback from people that have purchased used equipment from Willman's Electronics

I got a rebuilt unit that sounds clear as a bell, for less than what my dealer wanted just for looking. I have complete confidence in Willman's. Karen - Valley Stream, NY  1993 Nissan Maxima Bose CD and Tape
I first tried sending my Bose unit back to the dealership repair facility. After a month, they couldn't repair. I called them and their simplistic answer, "buy an after market unit from Best Buy or Circuit City". I then went on the internet and found many identical units stripped from wrecks in junk yards. Paid through the nose to get one that was supposedly bench tested, etc. Never worked. Then went on e-bay and bought one at auction which was also supposedly fully tested and guaranteed to work. Sent it back as it was also a dud. 

Finally...came upon Willman's. Bought manual and while it was a great source I had previously checked out all electrical, etc. Long and short of it, sent my defunct radio to Willman's; got quick analysis that it was truly "fried" and they sold me a used replacement. Unit works great and sounds better than we remember original. Daryl was very accommodating both by emails and phone calls and I highly recommend their service. Al  - Boca Raton, FL  Infiniti 1993 J30

What you are referring to doesn't need to be connected, it is for the trunk changer that is not being used. The antenna cable is the same so you just need to look again and find the antenna wire to plug it in. I just tried to call you and got busy signal. Hope that helps, Daryl 469-298-1138

Thanks for the email and follow up call. You were, of course, absolutely correct. Radio works great and sounds even better than the original. Why didn't I find you in the first place? Al  - Boca Raton, FL  Infiniti 1993 J30


   Buying From Online Auctions

Would you like to be the Buyer in the below situations?

I first tried sending my Bose unit back to the dealership repair facility. After a month, they couldn't repair. I called them and their simplistic answer, "buy an after market unit from Best Buy or Circuit City". I then went on the internet and found many identical units stripped from wrecks in junk yards. Paid through the nose to get one that was supposedly bench tested, etc. Never worked. Then went on e-bay and bought one at auction which was also supposedly fully tested and guaranteed to work. Sent it back as it was also a dud. Al -  Boca Raton, FL  Infiniti 1993 J30

We bought a nice stereo off Ebay from a person selling for a junkyard. When we received it, there was sand running out of it, all over the table where we first sat it. I contacted the seller who said all it needs is a cleaning out. Anybody that knows anything about the way tape decks and CD players work, you can't just shake the dirt out of it and it's going to work. This is another case of the seller lying and it is the buyers problem, because the seller got your money. Just try to get it back if you want to totally frustrate yourself. 
I bought a used cd changer from an online auction. It is P/N 82 11 1 469 404 and my car is a 96 BMW Z3. It did not work when I received it. When I load in the discs and power on, I get the error message "cd error". After shipping it back to the seller he informed me that it worked when he took it out of his car, and that he would check it out in his car. He never did that. Instead of sending it back to me I asked him to ship it to you. You are authorized to perform repairs on this unit. BMW 6 Disc Changer (This buyer paid us $120. to repair the changer that was advertised as working)


3 weeks after I paid him, the stereo finally arrives but it doesn't work

Bose stereo with cassette. The ad said: "This unit was hooked up to a power source, all buttons work correctly, radio works, Tape plays and cd spins and reads."

Concerning the shipping it also said :"Will ship FEDEX Ground as soon as payment is received."

We paid right away and then waited. The unit arrived exactly 3 weeks after the purchase. Shipping took just 3 working days so the rest was sellers delay. The first thing we noticed was the photo in the ad showed yellow writing on the top like the junk yards do to mark it. The stereo that we received didn't have this yellow writing on it. No big deal, right? When testing it, we find that 3 of the 6 buttons on the faceplate don't work at all, on CD, radio, or tape. The 3 buttons just don't respond at all when pressed. Now, it has been a month since we purchased it and we wanted it about 3 weeks ago. 

Below are the emails between me and this seller after we found out it don't work.

Mr. Seller (not true name), I received the stereo today. Just turned it on to test it. The number 4, 5, & 6 buttons don't work at all. They don't respond for the radio, CD, or the tape deck. The ad says that these buttons have been tested and all work. What next? 

the radio worked perfect when i tested it, but if you want you can send it back to me and i can take a look at it.

Seller, I received your email about sending the stereo back so you can check the buttons. I will be glad to do that if that is the best way for us to resolve this. My goal here is to work with you and I am not wanting to give you a hard time. Here are some facts about this transaction. I paid a premium for the stereo because your ad shows that the CD is working and it says that all buttons have been tested. The payment was sent on the 20th of Sept, and I just received it 3 weeks later on Oct. 13th. That seems to me like I was patient and I have not complained about this. Also, I noticed after further review of your ad, that the stereo in your photo, is not the stereo that you sent me. (this one has no yellow markings on the top lid) Again, I am not complaining about this either. It is the same model and I'm OK, as long as it works. Hopefully you will agree that I have been cooperative and not troublesome.

I also may be able to find the problem as to why these buttons aren't working. Instead of paying extra for shipping it back and forth, is it possible for us to agree on a discount from the price. You are an experienced seller and I think you can agree that when a stereo is advertised as a few of the buttons not working, its price is somewhere between $30-$50. Will you offer me a refund and I will call this a positive transaction even with the shipping time, a different stereo, and the buttons not working once it did arrive.

Again, if you are not agreeable to refund some, then I'll be glad to ship it back to you, as long as you cover the shipping costs. If I accepted a partial refund, what would you offer?

I sell a lot of these units and use the same photo since they all look the same. You have been very agreeable, but as a seller I have to protect myself as there is a lot of scam artists on ebay that will claim a unit doesn't work and send me their broken unit back. I'm not saying you are doing this, but this has happened to me. That is why all units I sell are conspicuously marked so I know what I'm getting back. That is why I would like the unit back, and I would either send you another unit or issue a refund. Thank you.

Mr. Seller, I understand that mistakes can be made. Your saying that you have a fail proof testing and there is no way that you could of overlooked the buttons not working on this stereo.

I know that you are not accusing me of being a scam artist, but you also are not giving me any credit for my reputation. A quick look at my feedback, and my online business lets you know that I am right out there in front. I don't have people out there claiming anything negative about me. I see the negative feedback that you have commented on from others and you discredit them as being new Buyers. Although I agree with you in those cases, that is not something that you can say about me.

I, like you, am aware that there are scam artists out there. Also, there are sellers that are dishonest. I am not saying that you are one of these sellers. I will say this, and I think you will agree. Most sellers only use a stock photo when they are selling new items. The Ebay ad is a place for you to sell your item. On that ad is a place for you to put a photo of the exact item that you are selling. This allows the buyer to know what they are buying and not just agreeing to buy any item that the seller wants to replace it with. In order to not be a scam and to be fair to your buyer, it should be stated that it is not the actual photo. We both know this reduces the amount that you will receive for it when a person can't see what they are actually purchasing. If this ends up being negative between us, (and I'm not there yet) then I will be sure to put that in my comments for others to know since your not telling us in the ad.

Also, your ad clearly states "Will ship FEDEX Ground anywhere in the continental USA as soon as payment is received". You received the payment on Sept. 20th and you didn't send it until over 2 weeks after the payment was received, and I have accepted that of you without complaint.

If it takes you over two weeks to ship something, how long is it going to take for you to fix these buttons and return it to me? This auction ended a month ago. Do you think this is being fair to me?

There's more but I will stop and I hope that we can still be on agreeable terms and work together. Here is my offer, since you didn't make any offer to me (other then send it back). If you will credit me $40.00 then I will look at this positively. I buy stereos all the time and will buy from you again, most likely. Understand that by you giving me a credit of $40., then it is really only costing you about $20 since the rest is going to be spent on shipping anyways if you take this one back, fix it, and return shipping to me. So that's only about $20.00 that it is costing you and I think this is being fair based on how you ran your auction.

If you issue the credit then I thank you for being fair and I will look at this as a positive transaction. I have no idea what it is going to take to get this working but it loses its value real quick when the buttons don't work. I am not trying to scam you, just being fair, are you scamming me?????

If you would rather waste your money on the shipping, put me through this hassle, and waste your time on fixing the buttons instead of just giving me a credit then fine, I'll send it back. But, I have been patient and after a month, I ask you to make it a priority to get this back to me working.

This last email that we sent him has not been responded to as of yet, it's been 10 days. Pretty sure he doesn't want to discuss this anymore. After sending the last email, I realized that I can't trust anyone that deals with people this way. I am not going to spend my money on shipping it back to him and hope that he treats me fair. He will probably swap the stereo and send me another one, then if it doesn't work, he'll just say send it back, this is not customer service. He has already showed me that he isn't fair so I will fix the stereo and not deal with this person again.

Notice that this seller was a person of very few words. Did he really want to help me, even a little. He has the money and now he just wants me to go away. That's a real nice seller, a real businessman.


Seller receives my payment and then advertises same item to sell again.

The Seller claims the Paypal account that I made the payment to is his ex-wifeís and he does not have access to it nor have any info on her. Right from the beginning he has shown by his actions that he plans to just keep the money and move on. I have tried to get him to contact Paypal and gain access to the account, he refuses. He has every excuse in the book. I have documented all our emails in order below.

It is not hard to see that he is trying to rip me off. Hopefully somebody can right this. I have not, and am not going to be receiving the item. Just need to get my refund and make sure everybody else knows about this guy. I have never had a negative feedback but it will be hard to escape this deal without one because Iím sure he canít wait. All because I paid him to the same Paypal account as the email he is using.

Below are the emails that followed Ė The RED print is the Seller.

This info comes in an email a full 24 hrs. after the auction ended and after I have sent him the payment.

EBay Item: CD cassette stereo 
Please send payment to:
XXXX Auto Wrecking
(address deleted)

I do not accept Paypal. Please send payment to:
XXXX Auto Wrecking
(address deleted)

Sorry about that. I already paid with Paypal. I did not realize that Paypalís Auction Finder would allow me to pay when the seller doesnít want Paypal pmts. If you will refund that, I will send you a money order. Thanks and again, my mistake. Let me know how you want me to proceed. Iím not against paying the Paypal fees if that is good with you.

I do not know my Paypal password and have never used the account. I attempted to get the password and am unable to. I don't have any idea how to fix this.


Maybe you have already done this but I just went to Paypal.com. You go there, then click on ďForgot your passwordĒ and put your email in there. Your Paypal ID or email is the same as the email your using now, (email address deleted) Then it will send you an email telling how to reset your password.

Once into your account, go to the transaction detail of my payment and at the very bottom (small print) it says refund. Click on that and approve the refund. It will refund with no charges to either of us, then I can send you a money order. Thanks and sorry 

Even though I want you to be paid as fast as possible, I am not in a big rush to receive the stereo.

Please confirm that you are receiving this because it gave me a weird error when I first tried to send this email.

The Paypal account was set up by my ex wife for which I have no contact with and do not have any answers to the questions that Paypal asks. I'm out of this one. Someone told me that a payment that sat a long time in an inactive account will be refunded to the payer upon request. Ask Paypal as I am totally unfamiliar with their policies other than this bit of info I was told by someone.

Iím not in a big rush for the refund, just whenever you can. Donít think that it has to be now or anything. Paypal did tell me that it will not refund without you doing it as the only ones that automatically refund are unclaimed, this payment is claimed and in the account.

I just hung up from Paypal customer service. They say that they can give you access to the account but youíll need to contact them at 1-888-221-1161. Then select 1 for problem with password. Donít worry about doing anything online, as you will need to talk to them so they can determine the best way to get you access. They can email you a password once they talk to you. 

This account is in my ex wife's name from whom I have not seen or heard from in a year nor do I know her whereabouts. I'm out of this as there is nothing I can do.

Forward to me what info you do have on her and since she has access to the account, Iím sure she would be willing to help me out here.

I have absolutely no info on her and , frankly, I'm happy I don't. Not for this situation but I am sure you can understand. She will likely not know even if we were able to contact her. We have never used a Paypal account.

Paypal said they could give you a new password if you called them. What did they say?

They said nothing as I did not call them. The account is not in my name. it's pointless to call them.

That is not what they told me. They said they could get you access but you would have to contact them. Itís probably not the first time something like this has happened. They are there to help us when things like this happen.

Item Listed again after I paid him.

After all this, he re-lists the same stereo for sale. He edits the item description to include "Do NOT send payment to eBay's listed address. It is incorrect and I will not receive it. Email me for correct business address." but he doesn't edit it to say anything more about not receiving Paypal. Stealing from me was an honest mistake but he does nothing to prevent it from happening to the next person, and his address is wrong, and he knows that if you send it there, he will not receive it. So, if you pay with Paypal to his email address, he will not receive it and if you mail to Ebay's address on him, he will not receive it, and he can't think of anyway to change this information so it is current. Please put a stop to this SCAM...

Below link goes to the stereo listed again after I paid with Paypal to his email address.