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I want to let you know about an email that we received here recently. It was from a customer of ours that was asking a question about his current vehicle but in the email he mentioned a repair that we had done for him previously. Here is his recent question - 

"1997","Jaguar","XL6L","4 Door","Factory Stereo ","The factory stereo has static noise occasionally in the rear speakers. Volume control has no effect on this noise when present. Do you work on these units? If so, please provide an estimate. By the way, you guys fixed a Bose in another vehicle for me some years back and it worked great ever since!  Thanks.

Many times we don't get much feedback after a customer receives their repaired unit back and they are happy. Another thing that happens when a person is deciding whether to repair or replace the unit is a person will ask us "How long after the repair before I have problems again? or How long will the repair last? That is a hard question for us to answer. I can be sure that it works after the repair but I don't know for how long. Hopefully for a very long time and we will warranty it for 1 year, and even be helpful to you after that.

Back to this recent email, I went back and looked at the previous job that was done for this customer and saw that it was done 7 years ago. We aren't often privy of this kind of long-term feedback. Daryl Willman


WOW!!! Thanks for being so quick. You are a very respectable business and that is hard to find these days - especially over the internet.  Please know that if we ever need service for our other car's stereo, you will be the first we look to. Sincerely, Maria  Illinois  1994 BMW 740i 6 Disc Changer


"When Willman's Electronics sent me a new changer for my 93 Acura Legend, it was simple to install. I ordered it by phone and received it in about 5 days. They set it all up so all I had to do was plug it in, then screw it down. Took about 10 minutes. It is great! Works perfectly with my factory stereo" Thanks!" Tom G. Dayton, Ohio


Everybody's had that "too good to be true" notion about offers, deals and "come-ons," especially on the internet. Well...Willman's is most assuredly NOT too good to be true; they are true and they are good. I was impressed from start to finish when I entrusted my 10-year-old factory-installed automobile CD Changer to their care to diagnose and remedy, following 3 years of non-use because I couldn't find anyone to repair it within reasonable cost, and with such ease and dispatch. I found the answer in Willman's. I e-mailed and spoke personally to Daryl Willman on several occasions, who made himself available for consultation and step-by-step progress. The fixed-price estimate is rarely seen these days, and pre-approval for over-runs provides customer control at every stage. I will not hesitate to recommend Willman's to anyone requiring expert analysis and service. 

Thank you!! Chris  Pensacola, FL 1992 BMW 325i 


First off I'd like to thank you and the great people at Willman's Electronics for the superb customer service and help dealing with my problem. I was greatly impressed that you spent the time to check out my unit and not charge me labor, for which I would have expected to pay. Having pulled the unit and now replacing it back in the car, I can say that it shouldn't take more that half an hour to pull or replace the radio.

You were right that there was nothing wrong with the unit, the problem was a 15 amp fuse in slot 22 of the fuse box next to the steering column. I know I checked all the fuses once before, but somehow missed that one. Again your great service is appreciated.

Regards, Will     95 Nissan Maxima Wisconsin


Thank you for the prompt email reply and the great information. My stereo is on the way to you via UPS. I will give you the tracking number if you need it. Please let me know when it arrives and what you find out about what is wrong with it. If you need any information at all just email me and I will get back to you very quickly. By the way I had emailed over a dozen other online repair shops and choose you because you sounded the most honest of them all. Thanks, Mark

Thank you for the great service, the unit works just like new. I really appreciate your excellent work and very reasonable rate. You are top notch and if there is anyone that I know in need of your service I will definitely recommend your service to him or her. Thanks, Mark


I just wanted to thank you for the great service. The quality and speed of your work is impressive. Thanks very much! Ron Albany NY  '89 Nissan Maxima Bose' Speaker Amp Rebuild


1991   Infiniti  Q45  4Dr  Received my rebuilt Bose speakers. Wow! What a difference. Can't say enough about your service. It's great to finally have great sound in my auto again. Didn't know how bad my speakers were until I installed the rebuilt ones. Thanks Again!!  Butch    Franklin, TN


Subject: 1990 Acura Legend Bose Speakers

Problem: All 4 amplifiers, which are attached to each speaker were bad. The dealerships prices for 4 new ones was over $700.00. Willman's repaired mine and the total repair and shipping time was less than 2 weeks.

Removal Tips: The web site instructions for removal and replacement are right on. I got them back today at 5PM and at 7PM they were reinstalled and sounding great.

Comments: All the reasons for repairing, as listed at this site, are right on target for me. I don't want an after market system; after all I paid a premium to get this one when I bought the car!

 Ocala, FL

(Thank you Virgil!!!)


Vehicle: 1990 Honda Accord
Comments: Hi: I read the instructions for replacing the Honda power antenna. Very helpful. In my case, it was easy since I only had to turn the radio on and off to feed in the new antenna. Thanks for the tip! 
Maryland, USA


 Subject: Audi [V8] Bose Speaker repair 1990 V8Q 92k miles young

I had Willman's rebuild all four speakers. They are now back in the car and they sound like new. I highly recommend the shop: Scott    Dallas, TX


Comments:  I was really concerned about sending my stereo away to someone I found on the internet. I figured, though, that with all the detail on their website, Willman's couldn't be a total fraud. I sent an email with a question and got a response the next day. Willman's did everything they claimed they would, and it was a pleasant experience all the way! My stereo is re-installed and working great. I'm giving Willman's name and URL to my local dealer to pass on.  DuWayne     Longmont, CO     1999 Honda Accord


Check the info for your car stereo to know what needs to be repaired.